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Papua New Guinea Kokoda Fair Trade Organic Roasted Coffee


An intense highland bean with the exotic characteristics so sought after from Papua New Guinea.

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Product Description

Here is an intense Highland bean with the exotic characteristics so sought-after from New Guinea. A highly smooth cup, with great personality. Vibrant and unique with beautiful sweetness and mandarine overtones. This New Guinean coffee can certainly stand on its own.

Papua New Guinea is a distinct coffee among the Indonesians, even though it doesn’t even have an entire island to call its own. Papua New Guinea occupies the Eastern half of the island it shares with the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya. Most of its producers are small holders, most of whom have only five to 10 trees among their ‘coffee gardens’. This may seem like a small amount but coffee is only one of many sources of income for each of these families.

The small-farm “Coffee Gardens” have a unique wild note in the cup but are in no way as earthy as other Indonesian coffees such as those from Sumatra. The small farms are often organised into coops that share wet-milling facilities and are Organic certified.

Taste: Sweet, Bold, Manderin
Body: Full, Bold
Acidity: Medium



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