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Welcome to Hipster Coffees.

We are locally held and operated in Gold Coast, Queensland. Our company services the Queensland area as well as shipping premium coffee Australia wide and prides itself on customer satisfaction.

We at Hipster Coffees understand genuine quality in the age of fast food and compromised products, with bottom line pricing seeming the only concern. However, our coffees are the highest quality Arabica beans produced in the world, roasted locally, insuring freshness and the consistency of a fine brew.

We supply fine organic and fair trade specialty coffees from around the globe ,such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru and Mexico among others roasted fresh daily.

A cup of coffee is beautiful in its simplicity. However the process from seed to cup is far from simple. It’s an unbelievable result stemming from growing, farming, processing & sorting the fruit. Every step of the process will influence the end taste. By respecting the overall process and how the organic green coffee made it into our hands, we make it our responsibility to explore each varietal by diving deeper into the intricacies of the roasting process. It is only when the coffee is skillfully roasted, that it has a chance to be prepared at the highest level, crafting a great cup. To us a cup of black coffee is colorful and complex in its own way. Let our craft speak for itself.


The Hipster Culture

The mainstream culture is the culture of the majority. In addition, there exists many different subcultures, each with their own unique and rich history, ideas and looks. The hipster subculture is one that began in the 1940s and evolved over time to leave us with the hipster of today.